Office of the Director for Extension

The Office of the Director for Extension is the official and recognized extension unit of Southern Christian College. It is created to provide a supportive infrastructure for extension complementary to instruction, research and production functions of the institution.


The following strategies are implemented to meet the commitments of the Office.

    1. Cooperation with colleges, academic units and support services
    2. Collaboration and Partnership
    3. Active Participation of College Extension Coordinators
    4. Functional Extension Services Guidelines
    5. Organizing, Mobilization and Advocacy
    6. Capacity and Capability Building
    7. Provision of Reading/Coaching Room and Extension facility (field/social laboratory)
    8. Demand driven/need based Extension Services
    9. Active Membership/Participation to Recognized  Development Institutions and Agencies
    10. Monitoring and Evaluation



The extension programs will focus on the areas of social sciences and natural sciences, these are:

    1. Community Development
    2. Peace Education, Gender and Human Rights
    3. Organizational Development and Governance
    4. Food Security, Sustainable Ecological Agriculture and Livelihood
    5. Health and Wellness, and
    6. Environment (climate change, conservation, energy, etc.)

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