Research Center

The Office of the Director for Research (ODR) is the official and recognized research unit of Southern Christian College. It is created to provide a supportive infrastructure for interdisciplinary research complementary to instruction, extension and production functions of the institution. Its mother unit is the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension.

Strategies (to meet goals)

  1. Research Capability-Building Program
  2. Research Productivity Program
  3. Knowledge Generation and Technology Development
  4. Research Output Dissemination
  5. Research Database
  6. Collaboration and Partnerships


Research Agenda

  1. Governance, Policy and Advocacy
  2. Education and School Administration
  3. Agriculture and Food Security
  4. Social Welfare and Community Development
  5. Entrepreneurship and Livelihood
  6. Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  7. Peace and Development
  8. Information Communications Technology
  9. Health and Environment
  10. Spirituality and Well-being
  11. Graduate Tracer Studies


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