Vision, Mission and Goals


The Office of the Director for Extension foresees itself as adynamic player in shaping a responsible society of participative citizenry imbued with strong sense of self – determination towards creation-centered development.



The Office of the Director for Extension commits to foster pro-people orientation and facilitates peoples’ transformation for total quality of life through relevant interventions and alternative education.



    1. Provides an impact-oriented extension services and programs of the institution;
    2. Ensures efficacy and efficiency of the transmission and utilization of knowledge, innovation and technologies for the community with the active involvement of students, faculty and staff.
    3. Builds and sustains partnership with experts, individuals, communities and institutions for the competent delivery of extension programs and services;
    4. Builds the capacity and capability of the extension services and program personnel;
    5. Cultivates culture of community service.
    6. Undertakes relevant studies and research projects for the enhancement of extension services.

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